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Mike Gardner - GA


Mike’s love of beekeeping began in 1968 at the age of 15 years old. It all started with a single swarm of wild Midnights. That swarm led to further interest and growth. By 1988 Mike was pollinating with over 4,000 colonies. Devastation hit in 1989 when Tracheal Mites knocked out all but one hive. By purchasing packages from Spell Bee Co, Shuman’s, and Morris Apiaries Mike was able to rebuild and continue on. In 1995 it became knowledge that Spell Bee Co had been placed up for sale. By 1999 Spell Bee Co became Gardner’s Apiaries. January of 2000 ushered in the next chapter of this story. Gardner’s Apiaries began with only 5 employees and produced over 2,000 packages within the first year. Since then Mike has purchased seven other bee companies and increased his work crew to over 50 employees. 2018 closed with over 60,000 packages sold and over 200,000 queens produced. Gardner’s Apiaries is currently operating with 22,000 colonies, 40,000 mating nucs. Gardner’s Apiaries began 2019 with anticipation for another successful year.


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Wednesday 11:15 AM to 12:00 AM | Location: Rm. 200 (Ballroom)
Spell Bee - 51 Years Later - I Am Still Learning
| Special Invited Presentation

New for 2019,

The job of recognizing and showcasing presenters is a big one for sure.
At EAS this year you have a choice of over 100 talks!

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