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Marvin Bouknight - NC


Marvin Bouknight, naturalist, wildlife biologist, and wildlife photographer, is a native of South Carolina, where he grew up in the great outdoors. His passion led him to as degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from Clemson University, where he has worked a naturalist/wildlife biologist for both public and private organizations, conservation areas, preserves, and residential communities for over 30 years. He currently serves as the director/head naturalist of Discovery Place Nature, and as a certified beekeeper, manages and oversees the museum’s apiary and observation hive. He is a member of Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association in North Carolina and Chester and York County Beekeeper Associations in South Carolina.

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Friday 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM | Location: Rm. 102B
Exhibit to Experience – Discovery Place Nature’s Honey Bee Program
| Discovery Place Nature is a small museum in Charlotte that focuses on interpreting the flora and fauna of the Carolinas. A few years ago, an opportunity was presented to the director to bring awareness about the role of honeybees in our environment. Join Discovery Place Nature Director Marvin Bouknight to learn how the museum took the idea of an observation hive exhibit and turned it into a thriving experience for our visitors that goes beyond just an exhibit element. Learn how the collaborative efforts of the museum, a couple of college scholars, a bee-centric business, and members of a passionate local beekeepers club exceeded expectations and is paving the way for some bold ideas for the future of Discovery Place Nature’s bee program!

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