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EAS 2021 Massachusetts

EAS is please to present information on EAS MA 2021


Hope you are all doing well. We missed you!

EAS has been very busy on many developments. One of them is a refresh of this space.

We are not quite ready to share our remodel of this space, but we couldn't hold back any more on what is in store for 2021 so here is a little something while we work.


July 26th, 2021
EAS will be heading to Amherst Massachusetts to the University of Massachusetts*.

Here is a one-page flyer with some of the highlights

EAS Massachusetts 2021 Flyer


For our part, we are going to solidify some things and then post here in this space what you can expect and a timeframe so check back by the end of September for more.

*we are also working on a "Plan B" for 2021 should it be needed