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Dr. Lewis Bartlett is a research biologist at Emory University working at the intersection of infectious disease biology and beekeeping. His research focusses on how infectious diseases – especially viruses – come to cause so much harm to honeybees. He is currently focussed on what extrinsic factors are causing viruses to be such a problem – including long-term the impacts of Varroa mites, pesticide exposure, migratory beekeeping, and genetic diversity of our bee stock.

Lewis began beekeeping both as part of scientific research and as a hobbyist in the U.K., before moving to America in 2016. He has worked with scientists across the UK, Europe, USA including University of Cambridge, University of Georgia, University of California Berkeley, University of Ulm, and University of Exeter. His research goals are to inform sustainable, permanent solutions to managing honeybee diseases that won’t be overcome by resistance, that are economically viable for beekeepers, and to listen to beekeepers to understand what new threats they can see on the horizon.

Lewis has worked on a range of bee parasites including most known viruses, Nosema, chalkbrood and stonebrood fungus, Varroa, and Crithidia. His published work includes studies on how insects adapt to defend themselves against diseases, on the risk of pesticide exposure from spraying to control Zika, and what we can expect to happen to disease transmission if we keep bees in bigger, denser apiaries.

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Wednesday 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Location: Rm. 104A
What We Need To Know About Bee Viruses
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