Previous Hambleton Recipients

Previous Student Award Recipients

Previous Morse Award Recipients

Previous Divelbiss Recipients

1973  Rolf Boch
1974  Norman Gary
1975  Basil Furgala
1976  Walter Rothenbuhler
1977  Samuel McGregor
1978  Hachiro Shimanuki
1979  S. Cameron Jay
1980  Jonathan White
1981  Elton Herbert
1982  Thomas Rinderer
1983  Thomas Gochnauer
1984  Roger Morse
1985  Alfred Dietz
1986  Eric Erickson
1987  Martha Gilliam
1988  Robert Page
1989  No Award (No conference)
1990  Christine Peng
1991  Anita Collins
1992  Mark Winston
1993  Gene Robinson
1994  Thomas Seeley
1995  William Wilson
1996  John Harbo
1997  Walter S. Sheppard
1998  Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman
1999  Gard W. Otis
2000  No Award (No nominations)
2001  No Award (No nominations)
2002  Orley ‘Chip’ Taylor
2003  Marla Spivak
2004  Jeff Pettis
2005  Stanley Schneider
2006  Keith Delaplane
2007  Greg Hunt
2008  Zachary Huang
2009  No Award (No nominations)
2010  David Tarpy
2011  Jay Evans
2012  Lilia DeGuzman
2013  Christina Grozinger
2014  Robert G. Danka
2015  Ernesto Guzman
2016 Heather R. Mattila
2017 Ramesh R. Sagili

1979  Mark Winston, University of Kansas*
1980  Richard Nunnamaker, University of Wyoming
1981  Osman Kaftanoghu, University
             of California-Davis
1982  Alan Bolton, University of Florida
1983  Gloria de Grandi-Hoffman, Michigan State
1984  No Award
1985  Gene Robinson, Cornell University*
1986  Daniel Pesante, Louisiana State
1987  Robert Danka, Louisiana State*
1988  Michael Smirle, Simon Fraser
1989  No Award, (No conference)
1990  Jeff Pettis, Texas A&M*
1991  Ken Naumann, Simon Fraser
1992  Ernesto Guzman-Novoa, University
             of California-Davis*
1993  Lilia de Guzman, Louisiana State*
1994  Tanya Pankiw, Simon Fraser
1995  Diana Sammataro, Ohio State
1996  Tugrul Giray, University of Illinois, Urbana
1997  Elizabeth A. Capaldi, Michigan State University
1998  Michael S. Stanghellini, North Carolina State
1999  No Award (No nominations)
2000  No Award (No nominations)
2001  Paula A. Macedo. University of Nebraska
2002  David Schultz, University of Illinois
2003  Heather Mattila, University Of Guelph
2004  Selim Dedej, University Of Georgia
2005  Lora Morandin, Simon Fraser University
2006  Shelley Hoover, Simon Fraser University
2007  Nick Aliano, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
2008  Geoff Williams, Acadia University, Wolfville,
             Nova Scotia
2009  Reed Johnson, University of Illinois
2010  No Award
2011  Elina Lastro Niño, Pennsylvania State University
2012  No Award
2013  No Award
2014  Daniel Borges, University of Guelph, Ontario
2015  Andony Melathopoulos, Dalhousie University,
             Nova Scotia
2016 Cameron Jasper, UC Davis Entomology 
2017 Michael L. Smith, Cornell University

* Robert Danka, Lilia de Guzman, Ernesto Guzman,
   Gene Robinson, Jeff Pettis, and Mark Winston are
   also Hambleton Award recipients.



2000  James E. Tew, The Ohio State University
2001  Dewey M. Caron, University of Delaware
2002  Michael Burgett, Oregon State University
2003  Malcolm Sanford, University of Florida
2004  Don Dixon, Manitoba Provincial Apiarist
2005  Marion Ellis, Ext. Specialist, University of Nebraska
2006  Tony Jadczak, Apiary Inspector, Maine
2007  Clarence Collison, Extension, Mississippi State
2008  Robert Berthold, Delaware Valley College

2009  William Michael Hood, Clemson University
2010  Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Pa Dept of Agriculture
2011  Maryann Frazier, Ext. Specialist, Penn State University  
2012  Doug McRory, Ontario Provincial Apiarist
2013  Don Hopkins, Apiary Inspector, North Carolina
2014  Roger Hoopingarner, Michigan State University
2015  Medhat Nasr, Alberta Provincial Apiculturalist
2016  David Tarpy, North Carolina State University
2017 Paul G. Kelly, University of Guelph 



Previous Divelbiss Awards

1988 Al Delicata ME
1989 no award  
1990 Charles Mraz VT
1991 Bob Haas NC
1992 Paul Montaux Canada
1993 Staford Brown MA
1994 Cliff Sunflower PA
1995 George & Doris Payne DE
1996 Robert Hughes NJ
1997 Jerry Caldwell DE
1998 George Imire MD
1999 Dewey Caron DE
2000 Robert Cole NC
2001 Francis Bowen CT
2002 Richard Johnson NY
2003 Tony Jadczk ME
2004 Dan Conlon MA
2005 Sherry Ferell & Dave Heilman OH
2006 Ed Holcombe TN
2007 Robert Mitchell DE
2008 Bill Troup MD
2009 Richard Crawford NY
2010 Ann Harman VA
2011 Billy Davis VA
2012 Bill Mares VT
2013 Becky & Ted Jones CT
2014 Virginia Stephens Webb GA
2015 Sam Hall NY
2016 Tim Schyuler NJ
2017 Ray Walker DE
2017 Alex Zomcheck OH

Awards Programs

Download the formal call for nominations here.

The James I. Hambleton Memorial Award was established by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North America to recognize research excellence in apiculture.

The EAS Student Apiculture Award was established to recognize students studying apiculture at the undergraduate or graduate level in a recognized college or university in the United States or Canada. The Student Award includes a $1,000 premium.

Each of the above award nominations must include a biographical sketch of the nominee, a list of his/her publications, specific identification of the research work on which the nomination is based, and an evaluation and appraisal of the accomplishment of the nominee, especially of work in the last five-year period for Hambleton Award nominees (or a shorter period for Student nominees). Two letters of recommendation supporting the nomination are also required.

The Roger A. Morse Outstanding Teaching/Extension Service/Regulatory Award Supported by Anita Weiss Foundation is given annually to recognize an individual in teaching/extension and/or regulatory activity in the field of apiculture. Nominations for this award are welcome from any person in the field of apiculture or may be self-nominating. Nominations shall consist of a letter documenting the achievement of excellence in any or all of the areas of teaching/extension and/or regulatory activities in apiculture. Some indication of the appointment responsibilities should be included. In addition, a suitable CV or resume documenting the activities of the nominee must be submitted. This award includes a $500 premium.

The awards are be presented each year at the annual conference of the Society. Nominations and letters of recommendation should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and received no later than February 1st.

Resubmissions from a previous year should be updated if necessary, and a new cover letter should be attached which should indicate that this is a resubmission and relevant data is already in EAS possession.

Divelbiss Award

Download the official Nomination notice here.  At each annual conference, the Eastern Apicultural Society presents the Charles and Evelyn Divelbiss Education Award. This award is presented to that person or couple who has—over a period of years—reached out to the non-beekeeping public to explain the value of honey bees in our lives.

The nominee does not need to be from your own state or province. You may wish to announce this request for nominations at beekeeping meetings and in their newsletters. Feel free to contact officers of state and local organizations to request their suggestions for possible candidates and letters of support.

The nomination process is easy. Write a letter outlining how the candidate has reached the general public over the years. Groups, such as 4-H clubs, Scouting organizations, school groups, community organizations, Lions Clubs, and garden clubs, as well as media interviews and exhibits at county and state fairs, qualify as non-beekeeping public.

Although the main criteria is edification of the general public, the letter may also include activities that teach Short Courses and other instructional work toward educating beekeepers and prospective beekeepers. The nominee does not need to be a member of EAS (but the Society would be delighted if the recipient would join).

The deadline for submissions is February 1st. Nominations and letters of support should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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