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2007 EAS Social Activities

We have prepared a GREAT EAS 2007 Short Course and Conference Program and the Honey Show will be a good opportunity to show your product skills. EAS is also a social gathering. We schedule our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon breaks in the trade show area so you can visit with our vendors. We encourage you to use EAS as an opportunity to purchase bee supplies and lots of bee “stuff” to decorate the honey house or your own home.

1997 (above) and 2006 (right) honey shows

Honey Exchange
The honey exchange will be brought back this year by popular demand. To participate bring 3 labeled bee products (honey OK of course but then anything that you produce from your bees will be too)and then get a coupon for 3 exchange items in return. This could be a chance to maybe secure a jar of blueberry honey from Maine, a basswood honey from NY or a sourwood sample from the Carolina’s – all in exchange for 3 of your finest bee hive products. The price is right FREE – bring 3 and get 3 in return. Everyone will want to join this activity – I brought back 3 jars of honey from my bees in Bolivia so maybe you can have an opportunity to try something exotic!

2006 GA Honey

Bee Bawl
To kick things off Wednesday evening we will have an evening of light entertainment following our dinner in the cafeteria. Our Bee Bawl will be a chance to show off your bee “stuff”. We will hold a competition for the best bee hat/bonnet, T-shirt/blouse, jewelry, pin/button, tie/scarf, socks, vest, undies (if you dare show ‘em), tattoos, EAS memorabilia, etc – if you bring it we will make a category for it. Prizes will be awarded to winners. If you lack bee “stuff” come with your best bee joke (under 30 sec) or bee story (under 2 minutes please) to present for judging by our distinguished bee stuff judging panel. We will have beer and snacks to enjoy along with the Bee “stuff” – we also invite you to bring your mead to share with others in an informal tasting session.

Meal Events
We will have great cafeteria fare for our Short Course and Conference meals at EAS 2007. The cafeteria, conveniently located via an air conditioned tunnel features food stations so you can always find something of interest and you can eat as much as you want. We have made the decision to not have a traditional BBQ meal on Thursday. The cafeteria meal will be 1/3rd the cost of the BBQ and you will have a wider variety of offerings compared to a BBQ buffet line. We will still have our closing banquet Friday evening and it will feature traditional Delaware foods.

BEE Auction
We will have our traditional Bee Auction Thursday night – like the Bee Bawl it will be in the great gathering place of the lobby of our conference center right in the middle of all of our activities. We are soliciting unusual and one-of-a-kind items and promise it will not go on and on leaving social time as part of the evening activity. There will be FREE beer, soft drinks and snacks for our socializing.

Awards Banquet
EAS will wrap up with our traditional awards banquet on Friday evening. The University will prepare special Delaware items for our meal. We will recognize winners of our honey shows, EAS research awards to student and Hambleton winner, announce the Divelbiss winner and have a lighter look at bees and beekeeping. Expect special recognitions of some drones and worker bees in our EAS hive.

We need you to lock in the dates of first full week of August Aug 6-8 for Short Course and August 8-10 for the 2007 Annual EAS Conference. Bring your honey show entries and 3 jars of honey (or 3 of your honey products) for the Honey Exchange. We are doing all we can -- now we need your attendance to help insure that this is one of the very best EAS CONFERENCES OF ALL!

Posted January 2007