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A message from the EAS Vice President, Bill Owens
Our evening dinners and social events will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. At this time we are planning to hand out the Honey Show Awards on Thursday night instead of Friday. Stay tuned for any further developments and keep on reading for more information about what we have planned for each night.



Wednesday Night Hog Roast and Hoe Down

The first of three wonderful, Georgia nights will be a traditional, southern hoedown. Our main course will consist of a hog, which has been slowly roasted for hours. A melt in your mouth feast that will keep you coming back for more. Now, I hear some of you northerners call this a pig roast. Well, here in the south pigs are just too little. If we had a pig roast, many fine people may go to bed hungry… and we can’t have that. So we’ll feed that little pig until it grows into something worth eatin’ and something big enough to feed a whole herd of beekeepers. Trust me, you won’t never leave a southerner’s table hungry. Now along with the hog you’ll get sides of southern style beans, green veggies, cobbler and sweet tea. There will also be beverages available that will put a fire in your belly.


Big Hog
Big Hog


One more thing, a true southern hog roast is not complete unless there is some heart pounding, hand clapping music to stomp your foot to. We have booked a fine blue grass band to accompany your meal and socializing time. This is an all inclusive event you won’t want to miss, so get ready for a good time!



Thursday Night Low Country Boil

On Thursday night, we’re having a “low country boil”, which is what some of you folk from up north call a “shrimp boil”. But with our shrimp we add sausage, taters and corn on the cob so you have more to chew on. Just like on Wednesday night, this is an all you can eat and drink event so bring your appetites. Plus you will also be entertained with music and a live auction. The Wednesday and Thursday festivities will take place right on the banks of the Hiawassee River at the Trout Lodge Pavilion (directions will be in your registration packet). Ya’ll be able to sit back, put your feet up, eat, drink and listen to the clear mountain waters rolling by along with some music only fittin for a true southerner’s party. These will be two events you won’t want to miss.


Fresh shrimp from the Georgia coastline
Fresh shrimp from the Georgia coastline



Jeopar-Bee Contest: The South vs North

Another event we are planning during the Wednesday and Friday night socials is a Jeopar-bee contest. Kinda’ like the evening game show except it will cover subjects pertaining to honey bees. Now this here competition will determine once and for all who has the smartest beekeepers; the south or the north. So bring your thinkin’ caps! In each of your registration packets you will receive a Jeopar-bee page with questions. If you are interested in competing in the Wednesday or Friday night event fill out the questions and turn them in to the registration desk no later than Tuesday by 4:00pm for the Wednesday competition and Thursday by 4:00pm for the Friday night one. Make sure to put your name and state on top of the page. Five people will be chosen to represent the north and five for the south. Winner’s names will be announced during the Wednesday and Friday mornings sessions. This will give the teams time to meet and plan any strategy they feel necessary. Wednesday night will be the first “Jeopar-bee” contest to represent the short course attendees and Friday night will be for the Conference folk. If you don’t want us to send your state home with its tail tucked between its legs, then ya better be ready to answer some tuff questions.



Friday Night Southern Banquet & Ball

Southern Belle and Gentleman

Friday night is always special at EAS but this year we are adding a southern touch to the mix. Not only will we have the traditional awards banquet, but we’re gonna do it dressed up in our fancy, southern attire. For the ladies please remember that the bigger the dress the better and you fellas need to replace the regular straight tie with a bow tie and top hat. Now sure enough, if you don’t want to dress up ya’ll don’t have to, but it’s just one more way we’re gonna have fun this year. Oh, and just in case ya go to look for a place to get some of them fancy dresses it’s spelt “southern belle” not “southern bell”. The first spelling is a southern lady and the second is a telephone company. The banquet will be at the Fieldstone Lodge which is located on Lake Chatuge; a crystal clear lake nestled in between the Appalachian mountains. An elegant resort with excellent food and great lakeside views. We are also planning on having a band so we can kick up our feet once again before we have to say good bye. Hope to see all ya’ll there!


Sunset on a Lake