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EAS 2005 Program

The EAS 2005 Committee is getting very excited about the programs that are taking shape. This year's events mix things up a little bit, so pay attention. This year, our chairman has been doing the math, because we've managed to fit a 3 day short course, followed by a 3 day conference into a 5-day week! This year, EAS will be filled with marvelous speakers, excellent workshops, our annual honey show, and a number of tours and excursions.

Short Course
The short course will open early Monday morning, August 1, and will run until 5 p.m., Wednesday, August 3. The course will be structured to appeal to both beginning and experienced beekeepers. The Short Course is a little different this year, as part of the time the entire group will be together, and then you will be free to break into different sessions, your choice. On Wednesday, the Short Course and Main Conference will be one in the same - Short Course attendees are welcome to stay all day so that they can take advantage of the 50th Anniversary blowout right after lunch, honoring EAS, its history, and our part in it.

The main conference will start at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, August 3rd (overlapping with the final day of the Short Course), and continue through Friday afternoon, culminating with the Annual Banquet Friday evening. The conference consists of talks and workshops on a multitude of topics. The traditional Welcome Social will be on Wednesday evening. Thursday evening will be highlighted by a Barbecue, and our annual auction. The schedule for the Main Conference is now available, as is the Workshop schedule.

Honey Exchange AND Honey Show
This year, with the help of our hosts in Ohio, we will be having the best of both worlds! We will be having our 3rd annual Honey Exchange as well as the continued comeback of our Annual Honey Show. Information is available on what the Honey Exchange is all about, and how it will work. In addition, the Honey Show Rules are available - note that they are mostly the same rules that we used last year, but some minor changes have been made, and we have added a category for Honey Beer.

Children's Program
We're so excited about having EAS 2005 in Ohio, we want everyone to come. We want you to bring the whole family. For the first time in several years we're organizing a Children's Program. This will enable you to enjoy the Conference and workshops while your children are safe, happy and having a wonderful time of their own.