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EAS 2004 Basic Short Course Details

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BASIC COURSE - 6 or fewer hives or years

A = Application
8:30 amApplying The Basics Of Bee Biology
Clarence Collison, Mississippi State Univ
9:30 amAnalyzing The Best Bee/Apiary Location
Dewey Caron, Univ of Delaware
10:00 amBreak (Individual Q & A)

B = Beekeeping through the season
10:30 amBees In Fall & Winter
John Skinner, Univ of Tennessee
11:15 amBeekeeping In The Spring
Maryann Frazier, Penn State Univ.
12:00 pmLunch
1:00 pmBee Products; All You Need To Know
Mike Stangellini, Rutgers Univ
2:00 pmBee Products Lab
Ann Harman, Master Beekeeper & Mike Stangellini
2:30 pmBreak (Get ready for apiary visit)

C = Coping
3:00 pmCoping In The Apiary
Bill Troup, EAS Master Beekeeper, Mike Stangellini, Cliff Sunflower & Rick Cooper
How to open & inspect, Seasonal management, Removing honey, Finding/ Evaluating Queens

MONDAY EVENING (joint session with Advanced Course)
7:00 pmABC’s (con’t)
9:00 pmWhat English Beekeepers Can Teach Us
Maryann Frazier, Penn State Univ
Q & A – Panel of EXPERTS!
Dewey Caron, Maryann Frazier, Clarence Collison & others

ABC’s OF BEEKEEPING (con’t) A = Applying
8:30 amApplied Bee Biology Of The Big Three Challenges:
Evaluating Queens – Clarence Collison
Halting Swarming – Dewey Caron
Winter Success – Jim Tew, OH State Univ
10:00 amBreak (get ready for apiary visit)

B = Bee Yard
10:30 amIn The Apiary
Bill Troup, Dennis vanEngelsdorp, PA State Apiarist and Rick Cooper
Looking for and solving problems, Finding & Marking queens, Assessing colony strength, & potential to swarm/produce honey/overwinter
12:00 pmLunch

C = Challenges
1:15 pmChallenges To Solve – Bee Mites
Jennifer Berry, Univ of Georgia
1:45 pmApiary Inspect: Does it Work?
Dennis vanEngelsdorp
2:30 pmBreak (Individual Q & A)
3:00 pmABC’s Of Marketing Bee Products?
Kim Flottum, EAS Board Chairman
4:00 pmAgricultural Pesticides & Bees
Mike Stangellini


WEDNESDAY (joint session - both courses)
A = Applying new research to old problems
8:30 amWhat IPM Means To My Beekeeping
Tom Webster, Kentucky State Univ
9:00 amCommercial Pollination & Colony Stress
Mike Stangellini, Rutgers Univ, NJ
B = Bees are my business….. and I have fun too…
9:30 amThe Biggest Business - Almond Pollination
Joe Traynor, Bakersfield, CA
10:00 amBreak
C = Challenges … will I bee ready to advance in next few years years?
10:30 amHow To Ensure Better Queens
Dennis Keeney, PA queen breeder/beekeeper
11:00 amWhat The Crystal Ball Says…
Jeff Pettis, USDA, Beltsville, MD
11:45 amWrapup & Evaluation
Dewey Caron & Ann Harman

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