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EAS 2004 Short Course

Short Course
Dewey Caron is coordinating the beekeeping short course this year. The short course will open early Monday morning, August 9, and will run until Noon, Wednesday, August 11. The course will be structured to appeal to both beginning and experienced beekeepers.

The theme of this year's short course is ABC's of Beekeeping - Keeping it Simple, and two courses will be available this year. The Basic Course is intended for newer beekeepers who have 6 or fewer hives or years. The Advanced Course targets more experienced beekeepers, those with more than six hives or years "under their belts". Beekeepers attending the Advanced Course will have to make some choices, as there will be multiple, concurrent classes being offered. There will also be several joint sessions, which will be great opportunities for novices and experienced beekeepers to share their experience and enthusiasm.

Please follow these links for details of the short course offerings:
Basic Course   Advanced Course