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EAS 2004 Program

The EAS 2004 Committee is getting very excited about the programs that are taking shape. As is traditional at EAS, this year's events will start with a 2 1/2 day short course, followed by a 2 1/2 day conference filled with marvelous speakers, excellent workshops, our annual honey show, and a number of tours and excursions.

Short Course
Dewey Caron is coordinating the beekeeping short course this year. The short course will open early Monday morning, August 9, and will run until Noon, Wednesday, August 11. The course will be structured to appeal to both beginning and experienced beekeepers.

The main conference will start mid-day Wednesday, August 11th, and continue through Friday afternoon, culminating with the Annual Banquet Friday evening. The conference consists of talks and workshops on a multitude of topics. The traditional Welcome Social will be on Wednesday evening. Thursday evening will be highlighted by a Barbecue, and our annual auction. The schedule for the Main Conference is now available, as is the Workshop schedule.

Honey Exchange AND Honey Show
This year, with the enthusiastic help of our hosts in Pennsylvania, we will be having the best of both worlds! We will be having our 2nd annual Honey Exchange as well as the comeback (at least for 2004) of our Annual Honey Show. Information is available on what the Honey Exchange is all about, and how it will work. In addition, the Honey Show Rules are available - note that they are the same rules that we used in 2002 in New York.

Bee-lining Competition
The Bee-Quick 500 international bee-lining competition gives each entrant a chance to find a hidden hive using traditional bee-lining techniques. The entrant who finds the hive in the least time wins fame (among beekeepers) fortune (if you call $100.00 a "fortune") and a really nice bee-lining box to put on your mantel until the next competition (mantel not included). Details are explained at http://www.bee-quick.com/bee-quick/500 If you have no idea how to line bees, several workshops on proper techniques will be offered during EAS 2004.