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First Annual Honey Exchange

Hey, Look at that one!

When was the last time you tried honey from Virginia? South Carolina? Or Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee or even Ontario? Unless you travel on a routine basis (or buy Wal-Mart honey that says it’s from somewhere in the states) chances are that you don’t have lots of opportunities to explore, experiment and enjoy honeys other than ‘local’. Well, EAS 2003 has a plan to broaden your horizons, improve your palate, tease your taste buds and let you explore the whole wide world of EAS honey…and you are part of the plan.

Here’s what we’re going to do. You bring up to 3, one pound glass or plastic bottles of your famous, wonderful and perfect honey to the EAS Conference this year. It has to have your label on it, and something (either directly on the label or a second label on top or the back) that tells what kind of honey it is, and, if possible, when you harvested it. If it has all of that, when you arrive, you turn in your 3 bottles, and we’ll give you 3 Honey Exchange Tickets. Then, your honey goes on display, right in the vendor area on our Honey Display Table, so everyone can see what’s available. They’ll be able to look at all the fancy labels, at the varieties, at all the colors and kinds of honey that EAS members produce. Since this is the first time we’re trying this, this year we’re going to keep it to just 3 bottles, so if at all possible, bring 3 bottles that are all the same variety, color and flavor. Next time, if this works, we’ll expand it to encompass more and more.

Then, on Friday afternoon, bring your Honey Exchange Tickets to the Vendor area, and you can pick and choose from all the honey that others have brought. You give a ticket, and take a jar. It’s as simple as that. The First Annual EAS Honey Exchange.

Now, you may not get that jar you wanted because somebody got there first. It happens. What can you do? For starters, bring some extra labels or business cards so if somebody didn’t get your perfect honey, they can take a label or a card and get in touch with you later. Even if they did, they may want more. Or may be able to sell some of your honey at their place…they’ll need to know how to get a hold of you. And, if there was something you thought was the best you ever tasted…you can get in touch with them.

So. Bring 3 jars of you best, and take home three jars of somebody else’s best. Be a part of the First Annual EAS Honey Exchange this year.

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