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Directions to Bowdoin College

From the south: Enter Maine and get on the Maine Turnpike. You should get off the turnpike at exit 9 and take 295 north to exit 22. Exit 22 is the Brunswick exit. Once off 295 you will be on Route 1 north. As soon as possible get and stay in the right lane. At the 3rd set of lights you will leave route 1 and be on Pleasant Street in Brunswick. At the second set of lights on Pleasant Street (5th set all told) you will be at the junction of Pleasant and Maine Streets. A 7/11 will be on your right and the Tontine Mall straight ahead of you. Turn Right. Stay in the right lane and continue up Maine Street and across the Railroad tracks. Now you will see a beautiful old white church on your left. Stay to the right of the church and continue up Maine Street to the 1st street on your left. This will be College Street. Turn left on College Street and Cross Upper Park Row just a couple of houses up you will be able to take a right into a parking area. This area is right next to the John Brown Russwurm Center. Head for Coles Towers the 16 story building in front of you. This is where registration will take place. We will do our best to have signs out for you.

From the North get off the Maine Turnpike at the first exit (Gardiner exit) and take 295 to exit 22 and follow the directions above.

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