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Being Social EAS 2002
Cornell University -- August 5-9, 2002

Workshops -Thursday & Friday afternoon-

The Workshops are held on Thursday and Friday afternoon. This gives you an idea of what will be offered. Times and locations will be in your program you receive when you arrive on campus.
Sue Cobey
Tom Glenn
David De Jong
Medhat Nasr
Roberta Glatz
Marion Ellis
Michael Burgett
John Harbo
Mark Feldlaufer
Maryann Frazier
Jim Tew
Diana Sammataro
Tony Jadczak
Rick Fell
Dennis van Englesdorp
Gard Otis
Cynthia Scott-Dupree
Master Beekeepers
Master Beekeepers
Master Beekeepers
Master Beekeepers
Jon Ryan
John Maloney
Paul Kelly
Tom Webster
Lloyd Spear
Alan Tremblay
Ann Harman
Steve Mc Daniel
Zacchary Huang
Tom Sanford
Dewey Caron
Maria Spivak
Queen Breeding
Queen Breeding
Queen breeding
Queen breeding
Alt Pollinators
Alt Pollinators
Handling Queens
Queen Mating
Queen Mating
Bee Yard Demo
Bee Yard Demo
Bee Yard Demo
Bee Yard Demo
Gadgets & Gizmos
Queen rearing
African Bees
Library Tour
Bee Yard Demo
Principles of Bee Genetics & Selection Methods (1)
Principles of Bee Genetics & Selection Methods (2)
Breeding the Perfect Bee
A Lemon Queen vs A Peach Queen
Squash Bees
Bumble Bees: Getting to know the relatives
Acarine Parasites, Biology and control
Mite Monitoring.
AFB Identification & treatment
Honey bee biology
Preparing for the flow
Floral Sources & Timing
Wintering in the North
Raising a Few Queens - From Start to Finish
Queen cages/candy, clipping queens, etc
Drone Congregation areas
Drone Congregation areas
Examination of the Hive
Varroa Mite Testing Methods
Feeding Methods
Fast Inspections - Why ore you there?
Sterilizing Equipment
Making Things to make it easier
Small Beekeeping Trucks
Queen rearing/grafting
Pollen Trapping
Beekeeping and the Tax Man
Bee photography
Other Products of the Hive
Africanized Bees: Are they revolutionizing beekeeping?
Campus walk, Lib Collection tour
Smooth Moves - Hive Handling for Nervous Novices

Workshops Where the Rubber meets the Road

We are quickly approaching this years annual convention in Ithaca NY, and the workshops are exciting. The workshops are where we depart from pure theory, analysis, and research and get down to how to implement the results of the research or how others are doing things. We have a number of experienced beekeepers prepared to share what they have found successful in their beekeeping practice.

We have over 40 instructors who are going to show you how to take beekeeping to whatever levels you desire.
Speakers will be showing the gadgets that they have built to make their tasks easier.
Of course we will have the Master Beekeepers in bee yards showing how to do the most basic to the most advanced hive manipulations.
We will troll for drones by trailing queen pheromone, dangling from a helium balloon, to show you how to find a drone congregation area, see how aggressive the drones are within that area, and how quickly they break off the chase as the queen lure exits the boundaries. I found this fascinating the first time I witnessed it.
We will be learning how others are dealing with diseases and other pests plaguing beekeeping today.
We will have professional beekeepers demonstrating their methods and business knowledge for those who
are developing beekeeping as side or second profession. What could be better for a man than to work outside as his own boss, surrounded by swarms of females? What could be better for a woman than to enjoy watching someone else work?
Learn how to implement and maintain your own breeding program.
I hope you enjoy these workshops as much as I am anticipating them. You will have over 10 parallel sessions to choose from. Your biggest problem will be deciding which ones to attend, as they are all so relevant and the speaker list is incredible! See you in Ithaca! Go New York!

Workshop Coordinator
Raymond J. Lackey
1260 Walnut Avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716-2176

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