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Bees By the Sea
EAS 2001
CAPE COD Massachusetts
August 6-10, 2001

Conference Symposia
Updated July 4, 2001

Wednesday, 1:30-2:45 pm, Auditorium
Welcome and Announcements, Jay Barthelmeus, President, EAS 2001
Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Capt. Richard Gurnon, Commandant of Cadets
State of Agriculture in Massachusetts, State Official
Cranberry Production in the Third Most Densely Populated State, Jeffrey LaFleur, Executive Director, Cape Cod Cranberry Association
Apple Pollination in Massachusetts and Hive Quality Assessment, Tim Smith, Apple Grower and Pollination Consultant
Risk Associated with Deer Tick and Lyme Disease, Dave Simser, Surveillance Coordinator, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

Session I: Use of Apis Species Through Out the World
Wednesday, 3:15-5:00 pm, Auditorium
    Chairperson, Gard Otis, Associate Professor, University of Guelph, Ontario Canada
    Overview of Asian Bee Species and Biologies, Gard Otis
    Honey Hunting in Southeast Asia: A Tradition Based on Ancient Cultures, Gordon Wardell
    Beekeeping with Apis cerana in China, Zachary Huang
    The Management of Bees in Africa, Nicola Bradbear

Session II: Pests and Diseases (concurrent with Session III)
Thursday, 8:30-10:00 am, Auditorium
    Chairperson, Jeff Pettis, Research Entomologist, USDA, Beltsville, MD
    Introduction, Jeff Pettis
    Re-visiting American Foulbrood Disease, Hachiro Shimanuki
    How Small is the Small Hive Beetle, Jeff Pettis
    Tracheal Mites, Robert Danka
    How They Do What They Do - The Biology of Varroa Jacobsoni and its Implications for Integrated Pest Management, Nicholas Calderone

Session III: Alternative Pollinators (concurrent with Session II)
Thursday, 8:30-10:00 am, Bay State Room
    Chairperson, John Skinner, Associate Professor, Entomology and Plant Pathology, University of Tennessee
    Use of NAtive Bee Pollination, Blair Sampson
    Vine Crop Pollination, Mike Stanghellini
    Other Native Bee Pollinators, John Skinner

Session IV: IPM Hive Management (concurrent with Session V)
Thursday, 10:30 am-12:00 pm, Auditorium
    Chairperson, Dewey Caron, Professor, Entomology and Applied Ecology, University of Delaware
    Overview of the IPM Concept, Dennis van Engelsdorp
    Evaluation of Queens - a very basic IPM approach, Medhat Nasr
    A Non-Chemical Approach to Varroa Mite Control, Zachary Huang
    A Truly Integrated Regional Approach to IPM Research, Diana Sammataro
    Delivery of IPM - the MAAREC approach, Maryann Frazier

Session V: North East Commercial Beekeeping (concurrent with Session IV)
Thursday, 10:30 am-12:00 pm, Bay State Room
    Chairperson, Kim Flottum, editor, Bee Culture
    History of Migratory Pollination in the Eastern U.S. and Canada, Kim Flottum
    The Maine Event, Wild Blueberries and Beekeepers, Tony Jadczak
    East Coast Commercial Pollination, David Mendez
    A Sideline Beekeeper's Perspective, Bill Troup

Session VI: Basic Aspects of Bee Breeding
Friday, 8:30 - 9:20 am, Auditorium
    Sue Cobey, Staff Apiarist, Ohio State University
    Gard Otis, Associate Professor, University of Guelph, Ontario Canada

Session VII: Improving Our World Through Beekeeping
Friday, 10:15 - 11:15 am, Auditorium
    Chairperson, Ann Harman, International Apicultural Consultant
    Overview, Ann Harman
    Honey bees in Developing Nations, Bob Cole
    Bees for Development, Nicola Bradbear

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