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Bees By the Sea
EAS 2001
CAPE COD Massachusetts
August 6-10, 2001


The EAS 2001 Committee is getting very excited about the programs that are taking shape. As is traditional at EAS, this year's events will start with a 2 1/2 day multi-level short course, followed by a 2 1/2 day conference filled with marvelous speakers, excellent workshops, our annual honey show, and a number of tours and excursions over land and sea.

Short Course
Dewey Caron is coordinating the multi-level beekeeping short course this year. The short course will open early Monday morning, August 6, and will run until Noon, Wednesday, August 8. The course will be structured to appeal to both beginning and experienced beekeepers. Details about the short course are now available here.

The main conference will start mid-day Wednesday, August 8th, and continue through Friday afternoon, culminating with the Annual Banquet Friday evening. The conference consists of symposia and workshops on a multitude of topics. The traditional Welcome Social will be on Wednesday evening. Thursday evening will be highlighted by a lobster dinner, and our annual charitable auction. This portion of the conference is being assembled by a talented team of volunteers:

Holly Groelle
Main Symposia Coordinator

Claire Desilets
Workshops Coordinator

(508) 888-2304 (evenings before 9)

Audrey Osborn
Auctions Coordinator

(508) 430-5329

Honey Show
The Annual EAS Honey Show will be coordinated by Gus Skamarycz. Gus has promised an outstanding show, but needs the help of all the conference attendees to place entries in the competition. This is your honey show, so please consider bringing that prize-winning jar or comb of honey to Massachusetts. There are many classes to compete in, so don't be bashful.

Photos from the 2000 Honey Show are now available, as are class listings and the rules of the competition. All questions should be directed to:

Gus Skamarycz
Competitive Shows Supervisor

The EAS 2001 Committee has some great tours of the local area, both by land and by sea. Information regarding tour details is now available here.

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