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Eastern Apicultural Society
Master Beekeeper Certification Program

Study Guide for Written Exam

Approximately 80% of the examination will be true-false and matching or multiple choice. The remainder of the examination will be essay questions. Applicants will be expected to show a reasonable command of the English language. The written exam is drafted by a committee of "Master Beekeepers" and reviewed by a committee of university professors. Some questions typical of those that might be used are listed below:

True or False questions - Place a T in front of the statements if entirely true and an F in front of the statement if any part of it is incorrect.

1)_______The use of a queen excluder is the only way to keep the queen from laying eggs in the honey supers.
2)_______Workers are considered imperfect females because they are incapable of laying eggs.
3)_______The most important asset of the honey bee to agriculture is its ability to produce honey and beeswax.
4)_______Brood production in honey bee colonies is not continuous throughout the year.
5)_______The presence of queen cups, located along the bottom of the brood nest is an indication that the colony is going to swarm.
6)_______The development time for a drone, egg to adult, is 24 days: queen development requires 16 days and most texts list the development time for workers at about 21 days.
7)_______American foulbrood is caused by bacteria but sacbrood is caused by a virus.
8)_______Honey is said to be hydroscopic, meaning it has the ability to absorb water from the air.
9)_______The formulation of Sevin (carbaryl) known as Sevin-4-oil is less toxic to honey bees than is the formulation 80S.
10)______It is usually the old queen that accompanies a primary swarm.

Fill in the blanks
The Africanized bees in South America originated in what country in Africa ______________________
The average number of bees in a pound of package bees is ____________________________________
The best color for the wire or cloth screen on a veil is _______________________________________
The principle of bee space was discovered in the year _______________________________________
_____pounds of beeswax, on the average, are produced for every 1000 pounds of honey produced.

Examples of Essay Questions
The United States is threatened with the invasion of yet another pest, Varroa jacobsoni. This mite is about the size of a honey bee pest already in this country, Braula coeca. Presume that specimens of each, on a bee, are given to you and that you have a hand lens that magnifies ten times. You examine each species. In fifty words or less indicate how you would tell one from the other.

Honey was used by the Egyptians as a wound dressing several thousand years ago, when the antibiotics we use today were not available. The literature we have indicates that honey served satisfactorily in this regard. In one hundred words or less explain whether honey would or would not work as a wound dressing and what special properties of honey are involved.

Questions 1-3 are False, questions 4-10 are true. The answers to the fill in the blank are as follows: South Africa. 3500 to 4500 (or about 4000), black, 1851 and 10 to 20.

Revised 4/6/01

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