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Eastern Apicultural Society
Master Beekeeper Certification Program

Field Exam Protocol

  1. A participant should come properly attired for colony inspection with his/her own veil, smoker and a clean hive tool.
  2. The exam will consist of having the participant open one or more bee hives. Proper approach, method of opening, use of equipment, examination and closing of the hive is expected. Each colony examined should be evaluated by the participant. Questions regarding hive condition, pieces of equipment, proper use of hive accessories, and colony care will be asked by the examiner during the examination. The condition of the colony will be solicited especially as to the amount and condition of brood, food, caste members and evidence of past and present colony conditions. In short, the participant should confidently handle each colony examined and be able to determine hive and colony conditions. A participant will be disqualified if his/her smoker goes out more than once during the course of the inspection.
  3. Participants should also expect to answer questions about normal colony inspection, care, and under what conditions and time of year certain manipulations (e.g. checking for queen cells, making divides, etc.) should be performed and how to complete such manipulations.
  4. Participants will be graded on a 0 to 4.0 basis on their ease and familiarity with the normal colony examination and on each question asked. An average score of 3.0 or better is required for exam certification.

Revised 4/6/01

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