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EAS 2000 Conference
Beekeeping Level II Short Course
Advanced Topics in Beekeeping
(Recommended for more experienced beekeepers.)
(Less experienced beekeepers may be interested in Level 1)
Updated 4/21/00

Day One
Monday July 31, 2000

 8:00 Welcome and Introduction 
David Bernard
EAS President
 8:15 Short Courses Classes Split into Level I and Level II
 8:30 Factors Influencing Queen Rearing 
Dr. Richard Fell 
Virginia Tech
 9:15 Doolittle method of queen rearing
Dr. James Tew
Ohio State University
10:00 Field and Laboratory Sessions (break into groups)
In The Bee yard
    Queen Rearing by the Miller Method
Dr. Rick Fell
    Emergency Methods Of Queen Rearing
    Demonstration Hives of Esoteric Bee Races
Mike Embry
UMD, Cooperative Extension
In The Laboratory
    Queen Cell Grafting
Jennifer Finley
    Artificial Insemination Demonstration
Dr. Medhat Nasr
Ontario Beekeepers Association
10:45 Break
11:15 Repeat Field and Laboratory Sessions
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Colony Behaviors Evident During Queen Introduction 
Dr. Wyatt Mangum
Mary Washington College
 2:00 Field Sessions
    Banking Queens 
Keith Tignor
Virginia Tech
    Queen Introduction Methods and Techniques
Bob Mitchell, DE Bee Inspector
Jeff Brothers, DE Bee Inspector
Bob Wellemeyer, VA Bee Inspector
    Pros and Cons of Removing Attendant Bees
Bill Troup
EAS Master Beekeeper
    Behaviors Evident During Queen Introduction
Dr. Wyatt Mangum
 3:30 Break
 4:00 Managing Hives Hives for Royal Jelly Production
Mohmoud Ali
University of Nebraska
 5:00 Dinner
 7:00 An Insiders View into a Professional Queen Rearing Operation
Jennifer Finley

Day Two
Tuesday August 1, 2000

 8:00 Swarm Behavior and Communication 
Dr. Dewey Caron
Univ. of Delaware
 9:00 Laboratory Sessions 
    Comparative Anatomy of Honey Bee Castes 
Dr. Richard Fell
    Check Condition of Queen Cell Grafts
Jennifer Finley
 9:45 Break
10:15 Repeat Laboratory Sessions
11:00 Swarm Play In the Bee yard 
 Dr. Dewey Caron
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Miticides and Their Effect on Honey Bee Reproductives
Keith Tignor
 2:00 IPM Techniques for Managing Varroa Mites
Dr. Medhat Nasr
 3:00 Break
 3:30 The Other Bees: The Secret World of Stingless and Solitary Bees 
Dr. Wyatt Mangum
 4:30 Course Review: Question and Answer session
 5:00 Dinner
 7:00 Short Course Social

Day Three
Wednesday August 2
(Joint with Level II)

 8:00 Foraging Behavior of Bees: 
Distance, Distribution, and Resource Preferences
Dr. Norm Gary
Professor Emeritus
University of California, Davis
 8:45 Mix and Match Pollen, It Isn't All the Same
Dr. Justin Schmidt, Research Scientist
USDA, Agricultural Research Station
Tucson, AZ
 9:30 Break
10:00 The Small Hive Beetle
Dr. Jeff Pettis, USDA Research Scientist
 Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory
11:00 Beekeeper's Antiques Roadshow
Dr. Wyatt Mangum
11:50 Class Picture 
Steve McDaniel
Professional Photographer
Conclusion of Level II Course
12:00 Lunch