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EAS-2000 Conference
Beekeeping Level I Short Course
Topics for Beginning Beekeepers
(Recommended for beekeepers who have had five or fewer hives for less than five years)
(More experienced beekeepers may be interested in Level 2)
Updated 4/21/00

Day One
Monday July 31, 2000

 8:00 Welcome and Introduction 
David Bernard
EAS President
 8:15  Short Courses Classes Split into Level I and Level II
 8:30  Introduction: (to include a 10 to 15 min. slide or video-tape show 
Steve McDaniel
EAS Master Beekeeper
 9:00 Bee Equipment and Gear: hive parts and usage, protective equipment, and tools
Steve McDaniel
10:00 Where To Get Bees: packages, nucs, swarms, whole colonies; pros and cons
Rick Cooper
EAS Master Beekeeper
10:30 Break
11:00 Field Sessions
Handling Bees and Sting Avoidance
Colony Manipulation: recognizing castes, brood, eggs
Smoker Lighting and Use
George Imirie, President
EAS Master Beekeeper
Protective Gear
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Setting Up Your Apiary: selecting apiary locations and hive stands
 Dr. James Tew
Ohio State University 
 1:30 Queen Biology and Swarming: pheromones, royal jelly, and queen development
 Dr. Dewey Caron
University of Delaware
 2:30 Break
 3:00 Spring and Summer Management
 4:00 Honey Extracting and Bottling (hands-on workshop)
 5:00 Dinner
 7:00 Installing Packages 
Robert Mitchell
 DE Bee Inspector
8:00 Question-and-Answer Session or Slide Show

Day Two
Tuesday August 1, 2000

 8:00 Swarming Biology
Dr. Richard Fell
Virginia Tech
 9:00 Bee Diseases
I. Barton Smith
 MD State Apiary Inspector
 9:45 Break
10:15 Disease Workshops: (two 30 minute sessions) 
Robert Mitchell
Bee Diseases 
Robert Wellemeyer
VA Bee Inspector
11:15 Record Keeping
11:40 Queen Marking and Clipping 
Nancy Troup
EAS Master Beekeeper
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Field Sessions
Making Nucs
Harvesting Honey
Introducing Queens and Requeening
Simple Queen Rearing (emergency techniques)
 3:00 Break
 3:30 Fall and Winter Management 
Steve McDaniel
 4:15 Equipment Assembly Workshop (hands-on)
David Bernard
EAS Master Beekeeper
 5:00 Dinner
 7:00 Short Course Social

Day Three
Wednesday August 2
(Joint with Level II)

 8:00 Foraging Behavior of Bees: 
Distance, Distribution, and Resource Preferences
Dr. Norm Gary
Professor Emeritus 
University of California, Davis
 8:45 Mix and Match Pollen, It Isn't All the Same
Dr. Justin Schmidt, Research Scientist
USDA, Agricultural Research Station
Tucson, AZ
 9:30 Break
10:00 The Small Hive Beetle
Dr. Jeff Pettis, USDA Research Scientist
 Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory
11:00 Beekeeper's Antiques Roadshow
Dr. Wyatt Mangum
11:50 Class Pictures
Steve McDaniel
Professional Photographer
Conclusion of Level I Course
12:00 Lunch