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EAS 2000
Beekeeping Workshops

EAS Workshops are an integral part of the Program of the Annual Conference of the Eastern Apicultural Society. To give you a chance to get to more workshops, unless otherwise noted, the workshops are scheduled twice, first on Thursday August 3, and repeated Friday August 4.  All workshops are first-come, first-serve, on a space available basis.  No reservations are required.
Unless otherwise noted, all workshops are given twice, Thursday and Friday.
1:00- 1:45 PM  
1a. Queen Cell Biology (Thursday Only)
Dr. Wyatt Mangum
Mary Washington College
1b. Removing Honey Bees (Friday only) 
Anthony Buzas
2. Medicinal Uses of Honey and Hive Products 
Walter Blohm
American Apitherapy Society
3. Artistic Wax Working
Jerry Fischer
Rosedale, Md
4a. The Honey Bee in 3D (Thursday) 
4b. Pollen Grains in 3D (Friday)
Dr. Fred Hossler
5. Honey Judging
Ann Harman, EAS Vice Chairman 
EAS Master Beekeeper
6. In the Bee yard 
EAS Master Beekeepers
2:00- 2:45 PM
1. Understanding the Stinging Behavior of Bees
Dr. Norm Gary
Professor Emeritus
University of California, Davis
2. STUNG!  True Allergy to Bee Stings and What To To About It!
Dr. Barry Thompson, MD
EAS Master Beekeeper
3. Lotions and Potions
Marlene Thomas
4. Reading the Hive
Bob Cole
EAS Master Beekeeper
5. Campus Botanical Tour
Les Lutz
SSU Horticulturist
6. In the Bee yard
EAS Master Beekeepers
2:45 - 3:15   Break
3:15- 4:00 PM
1. Infertile Eggs, Drone Layers, and Laying Workers
Dr. John Skinner
2. The Taste(s) of Honey
    (Please bring samples of your different honeys)
Jim and Penny McCaig 
EAS Master Beekeepers
3. Techniques in Carving and Painting of Birds and Honey Bees
Arthur Strang
Gaithersburg, Md.
EAS Founding Member 
4. History of Smokers
Paul Jackson
Texas Apiary Inspector
5. Flowers to ‘Bee’ Desired
Dick Roberts
6. In the Bee yard
EAS Master Beekeepers
4:15 - 5:00 PM
1. Anatomy of the Queen
Dr. Medhat Nasr
Ontario Beekeepers Association
2. Honey Plants (A Year's Worth)
Arthur Gruver
White Hall, Md.
3. Pollen Collection
Ernie Miner
EAS Master Beekeeper
4. Queens - From Eggs to Eternity
Dana Stalhman
EAS Master Beekeeper
5. Catching Difficult Swarms 
Steve McDaniel
EAS Master Beekeeper
6. In the Bee yard

    Powdered Sugar Varroa Detection

EAS Master Beekeepers

Dr. Marion Ellis